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5 important points to consider while choosing a fabric that suits your need.

Fabrics play a pivotal role in bringing new trends in seasonal fashion for their innovative and inspirational nature. It’s the blend of unbridled thoughts to mix up new color palettes, weaves textures and fiber blends each season. You will easily get lost in fabrics showroom because of the vast variety of fabrics.

A piece of fabric is the heart and soul for every kind of garment production.  For the reason, it is wise to ensure all the aspects before choosing an embellished fabric.

Check color fastness

It’s the colors and pattern of the fabrics that attract your attention first. That’s why make sure that all the colors of the fabric are even, without any streaks or spots on it. There might be some colors fading other colors over the cease or fold line. Apparelsouk fabrics colors don’t fade if you damp it and rub it somewhere on the other fabric.   

Fabrics that you would like to work with

You should definitely make sure the functionality of fabric before choosing it for garment production.  Ensure how it behaves while sewing it or drape against your body while embracing it. Some fabrics give a luxurious look even if you craft something simple out of it because of their flexibility. Most importantly create a prototype to test the fabric with many styles to check its functionality of the design.

Make sure it’s affordable

If you are looking for a seasonal fabric that works and sells better for you, then check its affordability, because fabric costs 60% of the overall garment production. Apparelsouk has vast varieties of domestic and foreign fabrics in affordable rates to help you achieve your desire market goals.

Test the stretch

For testing, just pull the fabric between your fingers to test its stretch. It’s always preferable to choose the fabric that is not so stretchable because it will create problems while sewing it, but on the other hand it will come down to what you are crafting.

Choose sustainable materials

Environmental friendly products and materials always add value and attract both buyers and clients.  Therefore it’s good to work with such fabrics that can be recycled and adhere to emission standards and environmental protection policies.  Consequently, having such tools to choose sustainable products is paramount for your business needs. It’s hoped that the above points are going to help you get the right fabric and will keep you moving to what you want to achieve.